Who are we?

We are a Germany based company (GmbH) providing commercial services, working in combination with a non-profit social enterprise (sGmbH) specifically developing partnerships for the humanitarian and social sector.

Markus Deecke (Initiator)
Conception, Communication, Marketing
25 years of experience in sports promotion and strategic engagement of major companies and clubs (i.a. Allianz Arena, Audi, BMW, Deutsche Bank, Smart, Juventus FC, Panathinaikos, …) with an exclusive access to these entities. His team includes capacities to develop and implement digital strategies and accountability tools.

Kilian Kleinschmidt (Initiator)
Innovation & Planning Agency –
International Contacts, networks and partnership development

30 years of field experience in managing development and humanitarian crises in Africa, Asia, Middle East and former Yugoslavia as United Nations official (UNHCR, UNDP, UNO-CHA, DPKO, UNDPA). IPA founded in 2014 has an exclusive access to governments, municipalities research institutions and universities, United Nations, NGOs and local and international corporations and private sector. IPA builds a global partnership network and is connecting public and private sector actors and communities with the available global re-sources such as technologies, finance and know how and can ensure implementation and oversight in any location in the world.